Aspire Higher, new Slimbook by Susan Bender Phelps

It is my pleasure to announce the release of my new e-book on effective Business and Career Mentoring.

People rarely achieve success on their own. Whether a parent, friend, teacher, pastor, coach, or boss was the one, we have all been given a hand up to get where we are today. Yet, there are many unfulfilled dreams and so much untapped potential because people don’t have active mentors in their lives.

In this book, I tell compelling stories of mentoring success that will challenge you to appreciate the value of the mentors in your life, and then inspire you to pass that value on through active mentoring of another person in your life.

Featured is my own story and how I came to be an expert on mentorship. Read about Sara Mensah, one of the top women executives in the NBA, Bibby Gignilliat, CEO of Parties That Cook, science fiction writer, Mike Saxton and others who used mentoring to advance their careers. Each story serves to distinguish the qualities of effective mentoring.

The book is available in Nook, Kindle, iPad and pdf formats.
Click here to purchase.

Twenty-five cents from the purchase of every book will go to New York Youth at Risk as my way of honoring my mentor, Claudette C’Faison, Executive Director. Her guiding hand made it possible for me to reach the level of professionalism and success I have today.

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