Deliver Compelling Presentations

When The Stakes Are High

  • your message must be memorable
  • your pitch strong
  • your confidence steady 



Speak to Win!

Giving a keynote? Landing a BIG contract? Presenting to potential investors? Proposing an important project? Your presentation must shine to inspire or persuade your audience, win that deal, close that contract, land that investor, or get your project approved. I will help you put your best foot forward, whether you are a seasoned pro, or you've never spoken in public before.

Improve Teamwork &
Customer Service

Empower employees to 
work better together and
with your customers.

If having your team work together more effectively and serve your clients beyond their expectations is important to you, Susan Bender Phelps is the perfect fit for your staff training.
Powerful half-day and full-day programs or an ongoing series of training experiences will create the environment for breakthrough results, higher levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

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"A Must Read for all Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors"
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Effective Communication = Higher Profits and Lower Staff Turnover

If you own or run a small or medium-size company, Susan will help you improve top-down communication, colleague to colleague communication and relationships, and customer service.  Susan delivers training programs on effective communication for, managers and supervisors, emerging leaders, teams, and front-line employees. Imagine, fostering a corporate environment where your employees are more productive and your staff willingly uses every opportunity to grow, develop, and cause breakthroughs. 

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