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Why You Should Be A Mentor

During a conversation with Stephanie Burns, founder of, she asked me if I had any compelling statistics about mentoring.  When I told her that mentors can make an average of $25,000 more a year than their colleagues who don’t, that was a WOW moment for Stephanie. She wrote this article for

Most people focus on the benefit of mentoring for the mentee – but there are lots of advantages for the mentor. Once I heard that compelling statistic, I sat down with Susan to learn more about the importance of being a mentor and how it can affect the bottom line, morale and retention.

Why is mentoring so important for companies? 

The two most important reasons companies need effective mentoring programs are: profitability & productivity and leadership development for sustainability.

Think about your employees. Most likely, you have a few top performers and a few who clearly have potential. Imagine what would be possible if the “potentials” catapulted to the top and your company experienced increased capacity or a sales boost as a result. This is possible with the help of an effective, internal mentoring program.


Susan Bender Phelps is an author, speaker, CEO and lead trainer at Odyssey Mentoring & Leadership, a corporate training company with 30+ years of experience in mentoring. You can follow her on Twitter at @OdysseyMentor.