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Making Networking Events Manageable

Networking at the Greater Beaverton Area Friday morning Coffee Connection. l to r: Frank Biondo of Montgomery & Graham, Inc, Ada Boje of Health Touch Massage, Susan Bender Phelps of Odyssey Mentoring & Leadership, and Linda Smith of Notes of Celebration. Photo by Tanner Givnan.

Just had to share:

One of the most popular workshops I lead is on business networking. Networking events come with the territory whether you own a business or work for someone. I also believe that, if you are a mentor, sharing your network with your mentee is key to the success of your mentoring partnership.

Recently I was interviewed by columnist, Mildred Culp, for her article on business networking for the Knoxville Sentinel:

“Networking is difficult for people who are ill-at-ease in groups. A few simple steps will ameliorate this problem.

Susan Phelps, CEO of Odyssey Mentoring LLC in Beaverton, Oregon, promotes a strategic view of networking — “nurturing the relationships you have,” she observes. She teaches a workshop called “Connections: The Secrets of Powerful Networking.” What can you do if you lack relationships or even contacts?” (read more)