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Chic CEO – What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Be Unstoppable

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Burns, the founder of Chic CEO, a FREE resource for women entrepreneurs. If you are mentoring a woman entrepreneur, you will find this article useful and her website will become a go-to resource for both you and your mentee. Here is an excerpt from that article:

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Stephanie Burns is the dynamic Founder of Chic CEO, a four year-old company that gives away the vital information women entrepreneurs need to start and grow their own businesses. And yes, most of it is FREE.

Stephanie launched Chic CEO in December of 2010. And by June of 2011 Chic CEO was on the Forbes Magazine Top 10 Websites for Female Entrepreneurs. She had just 2000 subscribers at that point. Today Chic CEO serves more than 75,000 women entrepreneurs.

Success Stories

Chic CEO subscribers are women who are coders, attorneys, consultants and coaches in all sorts of areas. Stephanie set up the website so that any woman who wanted to start any business would be able to find what she needed there. She’s got her own core competency – leave the business stuff to Chic CEO!

Tag It – Coming Soon – a young woman in San Diego, California has a tech company called Tag It.   She created an app that allows you to find any product you see on any website or reality show and buy it from her app.

Adorno Magazine –  …When you look through a magazine, if you see something from Ralph Lauren or Martha Stewart or Rolex, you have to go to each one of their websites or a store to buy anything. With her proprietary technology, you can buy it all right then and there from a single payment portal.

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